Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Christmas Adam!

Hi there!
Yes, I have finally started a blog! And as the title suggests, there will probably be a lot of rambling on here. I am not making any promises of how often I will post but I hope to post every once and a while. 
Today is Christmas Adam! You might be wondering why; I will explain. It is sort of a family joke, but last year on this day, my sister and I were talking and one of us ended up saying that today is Christmas Eve Eve (ya know, the "eve" of christmas eve). Then it changed to Christmas Adam because Adam comes before Eve. So in our house, December 23 is known as Christmas Adam. =)

This month, we have been doing a LOT of baking. We started on November 21 and finished last night. We made just under 129 dozen (or over 1,500 items)! That's 18 different types of cookies, breads, or candies. PLUS... 26 cupcakes, 2 9x13 cakes, 1 8" round cake, 5 pans of bars for various other events with church and friends this season. I think I can say we did pretty well. ;)
(this is a picture of the cake I baked and decorated for the church "party" after our children's Christmas Nativity)

If you haven't quite figured out my blog address it is supposed to be a pun on the quote from the Wizard of Oz, "Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!" with mine being "baking and music and missions, oh my!"; those being the things I will probably post about. 

Well, I suppose I'll stop rambling for now. 'Till next time! =)